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Why Shooters?

What sets SHOOTERS Firearms Training apart from typical gun training schools?

Well, ask yourself the following questions:
Would you like training in firearms but find many gun training schools to be intimidating with students who are military personnel, law enforcement, and an assortment of hardcore gun enthusiasts?

Do you want to keep your training low keyed and have an instructor who is not intimidating and treats you with respect as you strive to learn the basics of firearms and gun safety?
Maybe you are a beginner, a woman or someone who just needs to learn about how to own and use a gun safely.

Perhaps you have children who you would like taught the basics of Gun safety.


"Guys! this is the person to go to!!

I have been recovering from an injury and noticed that my accuracy with a handgun had deteriorated somewhat. I asked him for help in rectifying the situation. I was impressed by his professionalism and genuine interest in helping you develop your skills. Calvin takes the time to find out exactly what your needs are, and he then comes up with a plan to help you get to where you want to be.

Above all you get treated like an adult!!!

By the end of the lesson he had my friend, who had never handled a firearm, shooting his 9mm GLOCK. I think we just added another member to the list of MD gun owners. It was a very enjoyable morning and we plan to schedule a few more sessions with him."

Derrick S.
"This is an outstanding course presented by an outstanding instructor in a highly professional manner. Overall, this presentation exceeded my expectations. Expose this instructor to as many students as possible. They will surely benefit and learn much pertinent and useful information as my wife and I did. Thank you so much!"

Kevin F.
"A very well presented and enjoyable course-- one of the best I have attended"

Debbi H.

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We can help you! In addition to the regular classroom based courses we offer, based on your needs, we can structure a gun training program that is right for you. It can be as short as a few hours in a day, just a couple hours total or a regular program.

I can visit your home or office, where ever is convenient for you, and will bring educational materials with me, including an assortment of training guns.

When you are ready, I will introduce you to shooting at the range and stay with you until you are comfortable with gun usage and your marksmanship.

For more information, please feel free to contact me, CALVIN REID at or call me at (301) 785-4226.

  • Maryland State Qualified Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • NRA Certified Pistol
  • NRA Certified Rifle
  • NRA Certified Shotgun
  • NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety
  • NRA Certified Metallic and Shot shell Reloading
  • NRA Certified Personal Protection In the Home
  • NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home (Basic and Advanced)
  • NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim
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