Office: (301) 785-4226
Serving District of Columbia,
Maryland and Virginia Area

District of Columbia Special Police Officer Firearms Training

District of Columbia Special Police Officer Firearms Training (DC SPO Training)

SHOOTERS LLC firearms instructor will use his/her expertise in evaluating each security officer's progress in comprehending and applying the material and concepts discussed in class. Depending on the expertise of the attending security officers, some fluctuation in the actual time covered for each subject is to be expected, but under no circumstances will the instructor provide less than 40 hours of training.

It is very important to note, in instances where security officers are not adequately mastering the subject matter or are presenting a disruption to the class by repeated lateness, absences, or disrespectful behavior, such as talking or sleeping while the instructor is teaching, that such behavior is an indication that the security officer is not suitable for holding a position as an armed security officer.

Course of study (40) hours:

  1. Firearms maintenance, Safety, and Handling
  2. Basic Marksmanship
  3. Firearms Safety Rules
  4. Use of Force
  5. Fundamentals of Shooting
  6. Course of Fire
  7. Dry Fire Exercise
  8. Live Range Fire
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