Weapon Training for Civilians, Military and Law
Enforcement Officers

At Shooters LLC in DC, Maryland & Virginia, we aim to teach our students how to handle firearms properly and safely. You can count on us to guide you in reaching a high level of firearms proficiency.


Our Mission

To provide professional assistance in the proficient handling of your firearm.
Whether law enforcement, security, military or civilian, our primary responsibility to our students is sound safety procedures.

What We Offer

We provide you with firearm training courses that are designed to meet your needs. Through our classroom discussions and shooting range exercises, you can develop the wealth of knowledge and experience needed to handle guns comfortably and confidently.


Areas We Serve

Our gun training facility caters to students of all levels from all over the DMV region. You can stop by one of our branches in DC, Maryland & Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia to sign up for gun proficiency training and receive high-quality instruction from our team of professionals.

Our Range Equipment

Aside from an open mind and a positive attitude, you will also need the proper equipment in order to learn proper gun handling skills. Our training session comes with the following:

Ear Protection

Safety Glasses




Rental Guns

Baseball Cap

Reach Out to Us

Shooters LLC provides firearm training with a focus on minimizing the risks and hazards of gun handling.